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About us

We are a young and enthusiastic team of architects and interior designers, passionate about turning our clients' dreams into reality. With a fresh and dedicated approach, we are committed to bringing inspiration and creativity into every project.

For us, architecture and design are not just professions but a way of life that brings us joy and fulfilment. We aim to share this passion and demonstrate that dreams can come true, helping others live a more fulfilling and happier life.

[ AID studio founders ]

"Driven by love and ignited by passion, we blend tradition with innovation, crafting dreams into reality with each stroke of design."

The founders of AID Studio are two young individuals with a shared passion for architecture and for each other. Since childhood, they've been fascinated by the beauty and complexity of this profession, influenced by their families who have been in the field for generations. Their meeting wasn't just coincidental; their lives seem to have run parallel, always close to each other.

When their paths intersected, they realised that together they could strengthen and enrich this common passion. With different yet complementary perspectives and approaches, they balance each other and create not only a solid foundation for their company but also a source of inspiration and support for their clients' dreams.

[ Our team ]

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